Outfit: Quick Double Take

Oh, I bet you had to do a double take on the type of pant I am wearing. It’s hard to tell if it’s a pant or a skirt. This was an outfit I had worn to work almost a month ago and now I am finally sharing it on the blog.


From the back it definitely appears as I am wearing a skirt. When I wore this look to work, I confused a lot of people when I would turn around. I love the idea of combining a skirt with pants. You have the ability to dress up a bit, but yet still stay functional and comfortable. I am always the most comfortable in pants, I know a lot of girls who would prefer dresses and skirts, however when I wear pants I don’t have to worry about covering up. That’s why with these pants I get the best of both worlds.


Every time I go out to take outfit photos there is always a group of photos of me genuinely laughing because sometimes I feel so ridiculous. It’s hard to model and play out the shot that you want.


To keep the pants the main focus of this outfit, I completed the look with a simple white t-shirt, a Levi’s denim jacket, and a statement necklace. I didn’t like the style of a boyfriend jacket with the outfit, so I opted for a more retro, fitted jacket.

The great thing about these pants is that they are so versatile and you can style them in many different ways. If you don’t own a denim jacket you can certainly pair the pants with a leather jacket or a suede jacket. You can go bold with a top or shoe. In some of the pictures above the pants look really orange or coral, but they are a light pink/coral. If that’s not your style, there are also two other color ways: a light green and a brown (both are so pretty).

These pants are definitely a great addition to your wardrobe!


Free People “Singings in the Mountains Pants” || Free People White Clare Tee || Levi’s Denim Jacket (can also be found on Free People) ||(not pictured) Free People GiGi Slip-on Loafer

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