Black and White, Mix and Match

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Black and White edition for a black and white set. I am wearing the top and my friend, Tessa, is wearing the bottoms. It’s a really cute set, but Tessa only had her sight set on the pants and I really just liked the top. Therefore we made a deal with each other! Just look at how happy we are lol. It is a bummer when you really only like one piece from a set, but of course you can’t purchase one without the other, so I just ask my friends if they want to split it 🙂

At one point this set was returned to my store and I was helping the young woman who tried it on. Both pieces looked so cute on her. It almost made me wish I had the pants too, but that ship has sailed. You can find it here –>

Before I joined Free People I was never into wearing sets, maybe that was because I didn’t like the “matchy matchy look” or they were just too expensive. But I have collected a couple since the weather has turned (and I don’t plan on stopping). I wore the Gia Set -I chose the blue as it was better suited for my skin tone- a couple weeks ago when I hosted an event at my store. For weeks I had planned our Spring Forward Fashion Show, which showcased parts of our spring and summer collections. It was the perfect piece as I was able to stand out from the crowd and my models, but yet I wasn’t over dressed. I also have worn the Gardenia Maxi Set, which I talked about in this post.

I love wearing each piece separately, as I did in this post. I wore the black and white stripped top with black Levi jeans. As the weather continues to get warmer I will be experimenting with each piece. I will try wearing the top from the Gia set with either shorts or a jean skirt or I could wear a white tee with the skirt from the Gardenia Set. It will be the perfect summertime attire.

Lili Claspe Chokers (I wear two at a time- I love the layered look)|| Levi Jeans || Silent D Loafers (so comfy!- I want them in another color as well)

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