Outfit: PINK Floyd


Who doesn’t love a good mix of band tees and Levi’s?

These photos were taken last week for the FP New England Instagram and I love how they came out. It’s hard to just pick one favorite! Lately I have been into graphic tees, especially band t-shirts. This one I found online at Free People, but I only wish it was a real vintage concert tee. I need to find a cool vintage store that carries all sorts of different bands. I would love to get my hands on a Ramones tee with their medallion on the front. I also just bought two graphic tees from Free People, they are called the National Park tees (you can find a picture of one of my instagram). Unfortunately they aren’t available anymore as they only sold a limited number, but the proceeds from the sales went to an organization that maintains/restores the national parks in the United States. Between the two that I purchased, one was designed for Yosemite and the other one was for Yellowstone. There was a third, which was designed for Joshua’s Tree. They are so cool, I love them; I wear them all the time.

It’s funny, I never used to like graphic tees. I can’t seem to remember why exactly, but we always go through changes in styles and likes throughout the years and this just so happens to be one for me. It’s definitely a recent change so my collection is still small, but like I said above I would love to get my hands on some vintage tees. I love going on Instagram and seeing what other bloggers and fashion icons of mine are wearing. Gucci tees seem to be all the rave right now. If only I could own one as well (I can dream right??).

I have this ongoing “to do” list and scouting out vintage stores this summer has been added. Let’s see what I can find!!

Pink Floyd Tee || Levi’s 501 Originals || Sunglasses

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