My Current Favorites

Below are my current favorites!

The beauty products that I included I use on a regular basis, whether that be in the morning, throughout the day, or at night. I focused on the products that I call “my add ons” to my regular routine or products that I have tried recently and loved. I also included the jewelry pieces that I have been wearing on repeat. I love pieces that include natural products, like gemstones or pearls (it’s my birthstone)!

While it may seem like I own a lot of beauty products (which I totally do), I’m also the type of girl who doesn’t wear makeup on a regular basis. I really only wear makeup when I go to work, otherwise on my days off and in the summer I don’t wear any. I believe girls should embrace the skin and complexion they were given, but I also believe that a little concealer didn’t hurt anyone.

I also included some products that weren’t pictured that I had to mention as well!



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  1. Detox Dry Shampoo – I wash my hair everyday and when I skip a day my hair gets really greasy. I tried this product on a whim because I really needed a dry shampoo and I love it! I have tried others that just don’t do anything, but this one really works. I can actually see a difference. It doesn’t spray on white, it’s more of a brown color.
  2. Origins Charcoal Mask – Do you have black heads? Your search is over, this is the product for you! This product works over time so don’t expect to see a result after the first use.
  3. Lancóme Eye Serum – I put this product on at night to help with my dark under eyes.
  4. Origins GinZing– BEST PRODUCT EVER! I have really dark circles under my eyes that I just can’t seem to get rid of and this cream helps to brighten my eyes during the day. I apply on top of my makeup.
  5. Lili Bermuda Perfume (purchased on a trip to Bermuda- this is a local perfume, only made on Bermuda)


What I carry in my bag ALL OF THE TIME

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  1. RMS Beauty Luminizer – This highlighter creates the perfect “dewey” look. I carry this in my bag so I can freshen up throughout the day.
  2. HOOLA Matte Bronzer – An easy substitute for my BareMinerals bronzer. The brush is in that little box as well, so it’s convenient to carry around.
  3. Lancóme Concealer – I have been using this for years! I don’t try anything else. I use a lot of Lancóme products because that is what my mom uses. As a little girl you always want what your mother has!



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  1. David Yurman Bracelet – I received this as a Christmas present this past year. I have always coveted the pieces my mom owns and now I can start my own collection!
  2. Lili Claspe Choker – I also wear these chokers all the time too (I stack two of them together). I love her jewelry so much. I have a wishlist going (I love this one and this one).
  3. Hawkhouse Rings (3 Faceted Tanzanite, 1 Moldavite) – Look out for discount codes on her Instagram page!
  4. Gemstone Choker – I love the pink Tourmaline stone!
  5. Apple watch



Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

  1. Marc Jacobs Wallet – I have been using the same wallet from Hobo for years, but it was too big for some of my cross body bags. This is the perfect size and holds everything I need.
  2. KOMONO Sunglasses
  3. Baggu Leather Pouch – I found this cute leather pouch at Common Deer in Burlington,VT. It’s the perfect size to throw in a tote bag or to use as a clutch.
  4. Moleskine Notebook and Planner – Love their products, so sleek and beautiful!
  5. Apple iPad Pro


Others (not pictured)

  1. Lush Hair Treatment “Roots” – A hair treatment that focuses on the scalp! Gives my hair volume and shine.
  2. Marc Jacobs Cosmetic Pouches – I use the small one for my makeup and the large one for my hair products.
  3. Diamond Chain Ring – A cute ring to mix and match with others!
  4. Threader earrings – I thread the earring first through my first and then through my second hole. I know it seems weird, but it looks really cute.
  5. Urban Outfitters TONYMOLY face mask – Comes in a couple of different treatments. I really like the aloe one, it helps hydrate my skin.
  6. Lancóme Makeup primer – This product is a game changer! I have noticed that my makeup stays on so much longer, almost the whole day.

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