PINK Floyd

Who doesn’t love a good mix of band tees and Levi’s? These photos were taken last week for the FP New England Instagram and I love how they came out. It’s hard to just pick one favorite! Lately I have been into graphic tees, especially band t-shirts. This one I found online at Free People, … More PINK Floyd

La Brea

La Brea is Spanish for “the tar”. I would love to know who names the clothing at Free People. I could not think of a single reason as to why you would want to name something that translates to tar. It makes me think that I could come up with better names than that. I wore … More La Brea

Out of my element

  I wanted to share these photos on my blog because they aren’t the “usual” photos I take to post. When I saw this set online I immediately fell in love with it, even though I do that quite frequently with clothes lol. But it’s gorgeous! And something I have never owned before. So when … More Out of my element


  Last week I drove down to Madison, CT to meet up with a friend of mine. We decided to stop by one of the local beach areas to take a few pictures, as you can tell. It definitely wasn’t beach weather, but it felt good to take my shoes off and walk around in the … More Madison

My Current Favorites

Below are my current favorites! The beauty products that I included I use on a regular basis, whether that be in the morning, throughout the day, or at night. I focused on the products that I call “my add ons” to my regular routine or products that I have tried recently and loved. I also included the … More My Current Favorites

Spaghetti Warehouse

This has become my traditional work outfit, an oversized sweater and jeans, when I prefer an extra 15 mins in bed in the morning. Currently, I have this ongoing love affair with oversized sweaters. They make getting ready so easy! You just throw them on over a t-shirt and go. It definitely cuts down on … More Spaghetti Warehouse

A Pop of Color

                  Since we are now well into winter, I’m definitely feeling those winter blues. So when I come across a bright colored wall like this one, my mood is immediately lifted. Even though it was cold and windy, standing up against the orange felt like it was … More A Pop of Color

Pretty in Pink

 Outfit repeater: turtlenecks + dresses + over the knee boots! Girls love to wear dresses in the Summer because of how easy it is to throw one on and go. So why can’t Winter be the same?? Over the last couple of months I have been wearing this style on repeat. I can wear fun pieces … More Pretty in Pink